Interview on 11.11.11

3 rounds:


All Cleared πŸ™‚

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Quote :p !!!!

Two statements to ponder on , said by my electronics Gurus:

“Life is has three mode like Transistor has – Vinay Patenkar” : Transistor has three modes

1)Cut-off region:In this mode transistor has zero

2)Active region: When a transistor is in the current taking mode of operation

3)Saturation region:In this mode transistor has a very large value of current. The transistor is operated in this mode.

“Life isΒ  like a Analog signal with axis as time as well as Digital signal with axis as space -Dr G . R Babu”




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Interview ;)

Persistent System Interview
Place: KMIT

Candidate: Rahul Akula

First round is cleared by chance and a little effort from myside.

Second Round is cleared again by tiny effort from myside.

In second round:

Some Interview Humours:

1)Interviewer1:Rahul, Can you tell me what is necessity of primary key?

Rahul:Ya , i will explain with example .Suppose you are a patient (Laughter among us started) and you also a ptaient (Interviewer2) in the same hospital with you both have same.

Interviewer1,Interviewer2:Rahul,you making interviewer patient ?? πŸ˜€

Rahul: :p ,so to have differentiation among you , we need a unique and non-null value for identification


Interviewer1:Can you explain this code which you have written in the 1st round??

Rahu:Sir,that program is wrong πŸ˜‰

Interviewer1:You should not say wrong code as wrong code, because saying wrong code as wrong is easy , but saying wrong code as right code is difficult πŸ˜€

Rahul: πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Interviewer2:Tell , is it required to commit when you execute query?

Rahul:Sir, it depends on the database , as i worked in MySQL it is auto commited and in DB2 we need to commit in that. πŸ™‚

Interviewer2:Asking Interviewer1 it that true….(whispering).

Third round i was unable to clear.

Me thanking all people who wished me and helped me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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Party Sucks when:

Going to parties is not fun when:

1)you don’t know the all people in the party(Strange persons):
Because to have a fun among group of people , first people should accepting each other.That takes lots of time ,it doesn’t happen in hour or day .
2)Having Too many people in party sucks :
Because if in a party we have too many people , the party giver cannot concentrate on all mates, that leads to ignorance of a mate
3)Decide exact place and time we would be parting:
If at all any person having an important task to do in that day, this scheduling may help allot.
4)Party place should be convenient to all attendees:
If one of the mate is allergic about some issue, the party giver should not choose the place which contains that issue
5)Waiting must:
If in a party a mate is missing , all should wait for the arrival of the mate to celebrate.

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Time Is Valuable Guys … Spend It … Value It…To Right People/Work…..

You are/(should be) responsible for your actions that’s i believe .And Before doing anything ask yourself these questions

1)What am I Doing and why ?

2)Do i love this activity ? do i love ppl ovr there?

3)what is the motivation over there for which i feel so committed to it?

4)Is is vital?necessary ? to or for whom?

5)Who will be most disappointed if I cancel/quit/put on permanent hold?

6)Do I care?

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Had a Awesome day with lovely ppl and weather :)

Thanks to all who made the day so awesome in-spite lot of tensions in my mind πŸ™‚ . And i experienced nice things today (Bowling,eating(awesome starters),and a game where in mam was part of my team(TeamMahaBali :D) ).

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had an excellent day :)


Had a an awesome day ,which i will never forget in my lifetime :).I’m not getting words but thanks to all and specially b’day boy πŸ™‚

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