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closing is important part of process

Please spend as much as time you can, when you are in closing phase.

When you start doing a thing, let us a say a project or a task.

You are not alone this,  and you are not permanent. Someone or many can contribute to your work make it useful and successful.

So documenting it, how to develop further and how it is developed is per-requisite for closing the task.

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Some random points

Some random points

  • What ever you do have a higher vision

  • Observe the things around you.

  • Wait Wait to do anything, Think in a better way to do. take your own time, anyway you will do it.

  • Do things as if this is the last thing i gonna do, and even if i fall dead doing this.

  • Do not take anything granted… everything

  • Every moment is fresh and inevitable , we need to be enjoy.

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Done first semester in m.s

For me it is still unbelievable that I am in USA and completed a semester.  I am so thanks full to my relatives,friends and colleagues for help. After reaching the USA, my studies were on high priority and as well helping myself. My university  course work is so time taking and we try to find time out of it. After sometime I stopped working for myself. As it is becoming hectic for me and I was worried about 3.3 GPA which gives 40% off .My hopes were on getting assistantships in university also. And finally I got 3.3 GPA but I didn’t have assistantship position. I got filtered among 250 candidates for interview. But unable to clear interview was feeling sad.

After all this is possible by people surrounded us. First my roommates Vamshi, Phanindra, Pavan, Shiva, Abhinav and Tarun.. Regarding Vamshi, he is our room’s best chef and see’s that the room is organized properly. Phanindra is small kiddo , who tries all things are to be healthy and helps in cooking . Pavan is very mature guy , knows everything and will be silent all the time and he makes curd. Shiva is a dancer and tries hard to sing with accuracy , he is dish washer team. Abhinav is more expressive guy. Tarun is cool guy as usual.

Later cycle of semester, made a friend with Honey, Monica. I frequently go to honey room for watching scary movies.

And then later in exams I got less marks , so I was not expecting a call for interview. While studying in library I got a mail from Dr. Merry, that I have been filtered for interview that moment was heart pounding was unable to concentrate on anything. Was roaming library up and down with fear and happiness in heart. But, I haven’t cleared the interview anyhow. I have also applied for software developer post by Dr. Monismith. And later after ta interview I got mail from Dr. Monismith that interview is being conducted. Again my heart beat goes up and down after seeing the mail. I started preparing for android , I was digging my knowledge on android which I have done in and rupesh helped me to a great extent.
And the day came for interview, I thought there will less people for that, but crowd was around 30 and it was written exam. I totally lost hopes for further interview. And suddenly after one day I got mail from Dr. Monismith for second round interview again heart pounding.

And suprisingly I was selected and was doing paper work for ssn , I was thinking it is dream.

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Ganesha Nimarjanam @ Northwest Missouri State University

Ganesha Nimarjanam @ Northwest Missouri State University

Today  me with my roommates went for Ganesha Nimarjanam  @Horizons Apartments . We took ganesha blessings and we enjoyed this festive moment with colors. This is the first festival in U.S.A. For a moment we though we are in india.


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After a long time i remember to blog

Presently i working as software developer since  2 year from 2012 Jan. I have experienced many situations:

  1. People shouting on each other
  2. Doing blame game
  3. Dominate people
  4. Moving people into multiple project with in no time
  5. People behave as Evil and doesn’t consider as human
  6. If seniors in company did night-out at their age, they take their example and motivate us to night-outs
  7. People make unnecessary rule.
  8. Life ends in the company , no personal life.

Apart from these i love my company and work.

Crazy Me

Crazy Me

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There only two worst part of Software Developer

First ,Not knowing what to Implement    




Second , Knowing what to implement , but got stuck in other task



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Completed 4-1…….

Completed 4 year 1st semester… 🙂

Semester Highlights :

1)Telangana Bands

2)Jobs & Companies


4)Why this Kolaveri 😛



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