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Had a gr8 day.

  1. First gr8nesss , got up at 6:30 Am.
  2. Was a part of decorating the room for birthday gal.
  3. The time i saw this birthday, i was amused that birthdays are celebrated this way also .
  4. Was happy to see her smile and that made my day and i thought that i wish , i would see a shooting star, so that i could wish that to freeze this happiness of this gal and want see the same for lyf long.
  5. And we have traveled allot and was a nicely packed in the car  :p.
  6. Took nyc nyc photos with mates.
  7. And came to college did my work little bit and went for playing volleyball
  8. We played 3 matches till 7 pm and was literary tired
  9. And a great day has ended , bye may 31st 2011 🙂 😛
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Don’t Worry…Be Kewl ;) :p

Basically we worry , if any new tasks or difficult tasks are given to us.That’s every newbie’s activity , but we should avoid it.Rather than worrying we should take it as a challenge and do it.There’s no advantage on worrying , at times it helps you for remembering the task by harping on it , but its a sign of negative people and it does effect on health.So be chill-up,do task with ease 🙂   

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Make your mind “focused” and give 100% to do a task which you have decided to do…

When you decided to do a thing or task , just leave  the other things or matter from your mind .Because when you have two things in mind ,at same time you can’t concentrate on any of the task fully.So, Before doing anything just clear your mind , set the mind to focus on a particular issue or task.I am not discouraging multitasking , we should do multitasking, when ? we get utmost perfection in that task.The people who has focused minds ,are literally have bright future among the crowd who are not focused .So be focused and give your 100% to what you are doing right now .

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People “Value” you when you got Knowlegde , otherwise bullshit

       People will respect you only when you have knowledge(which that helps them at that time) , even if you have helped earlier in any other issue(Self-fish World).I am not that kind of person who sees the person for knowledge kind of stuff.People should not estimate a person that he is knowledge-less and he is waste kind of stuff.By this i learned that ,we will get respect and value only when we acquired knowledge and get up-to-date of it .


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Yesterday was my first meeting with my mentors

My meeting was decided at 8:30 PM, and i have to go to mam’s house . So i need to start from 8:00 PM , because of that i played volleyball till 6:40  and i need to pass  some more time ,so i was with friends till 7:40PM.I started my journey started to mam, actually i donno the house . I was fumbled for a while in finding house and finally reached with other ppl help .Mam was nice ,whole chatting was done by mam and mam offered me dinner also .My meeting was with three mentors. Mam managed them extremely well . And coming to mam’s daughter she was cute of cutest.I played little bit with her.And after that my chatting was completed n came back home.

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Today ….Interview Results were out ….

HA!!!, Actually i was screened away for interview .Because of poor aptitude levels(That was obvious with me).My friends got placed in that organization at-least for happy for that but saddest part is i gonna miss them.Basically by this experience i realized that i have poor communication skills and confidence.I will improve my skills and prove mah self n  they should  think “This Guy was Awesome . We missed him”  🙂

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Mother’s day :)

Today is  Mothers Day 🙂 . I am in debt to my mother always, for her love and caring . The purest form of  love is mother’s love really , with no strings attached .

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