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closing is important part of process

Please spend as much as time you can, when you are in closing phase.

When you start doing a thing, let us a say a project or a task.

You are not alone this,  and you are not permanent. Someone or many can contribute to your work make it useful and successful.

So documenting it, how to develop further and how it is developed is per-requisite for closing the task.

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Some random points

Some random points

  • What ever you do have a higher vision

  • Observe the things around you.

  • Wait Wait to do anything, Think in a better way to do. take your own time, anyway you will do it.

  • Do things as if this is the last thing i gonna do, and even if i fall dead doing this.

  • Do not take anything granted… everything

  • Every moment is fresh and inevitable , we need to be enjoy.

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