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Interview ;)

Persistent System Interview
Place: KMIT

Candidate: Rahul Akula

First round is cleared by chance and a little effort from myside.

Second Round is cleared again by tiny effort from myside.

In second round:

Some Interview Humours:

1)Interviewer1:Rahul, Can you tell me what is necessity of primary key?

Rahul:Ya , i will explain with example .Suppose you are a patient (Laughter among us started) and you also a ptaient (Interviewer2) in the same hospital with you both have same.

Interviewer1,Interviewer2:Rahul,you making interviewer patient ?? 😀

Rahul: :p ,so to have differentiation among you , we need a unique and non-null value for identification


Interviewer1:Can you explain this code which you have written in the 1st round??

Rahu:Sir,that program is wrong 😉

Interviewer1:You should not say wrong code as wrong code, because saying wrong code as wrong is easy , but saying wrong code as right code is difficult 😀

Rahul: 😀 😀

Interviewer2:Tell , is it required to commit when you execute query?

Rahul:Sir, it depends on the database , as i worked in MySQL it is auto commited and in DB2 we need to commit in that. 🙂

Interviewer2:Asking Interviewer1 it that true….(whispering).

Third round i was unable to clear.

Me thanking all people who wished me and helped me 🙂 🙂


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