Party Sucks when:

24 Aug

Going to parties is not fun when:

1)you don’t know the all people in the party(Strange persons):
Because to have a fun among group of people , first people should accepting each other.That takes lots of time ,it doesn’t happen in hour or day .
2)Having Too many people in party sucks :
Because if in a party we have too many people , the party giver cannot concentrate on all mates, that leads to ignorance of a mate
3)Decide exact place and time we would be parting:
If at all any person having an important task to do in that day, this scheduling may help allot.
4)Party place should be convenient to all attendees:
If one of the mate is allergic about some issue, the party giver should not choose the place which contains that issue
5)Waiting must:
If in a party a mate is missing , all should wait for the arrival of the mate to celebrate.

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