After a long time i remember to blog

16 Feb

Presently i working as software developer since  2 year from 2012 Jan. I have experienced many situations:

  1. People shouting on each other
  2. Doing blame game
  3. Dominate people
  4. Moving people into multiple project with in no time
  5. People behave as Evil and doesn’t consider as human
  6. If seniors in company did night-out at their age, they take their example and motivate us to night-outs
  7. People make unnecessary rule.
  8. Life ends in the company , no personal life.

Apart from these i love my company and work.

Crazy Me

Crazy Me

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One response to “After a long time i remember to blog

  1. Raju Thoutu

    March 23, 2014 at 10:46 am

    I agree with u dude, but the thing is we/you should realize in your life what u want, Whats your plan to achieve it, the going things are deviating you from you goals you should think at it once instead doing blame games.
    You are the creator of you own destiny 🙂


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